Dining Table with 4 Wooden Chairs,Original Wood Colour




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  • Modern style: The product is in garden style, has a modern and simple appearance, can be perfectly integrated into different furnishing styles and fits perfectly in dining room and kitchen.
  • Robust and durable: 100% high-quality pine wood, robust and wear-resistant, with a long service life. The entire surface of the table and chairs are polished and sanded, painted, smooth surface, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Stable connection: The connection between the table top and the table legs is designed with a slot, when installation, simply place the metal connector in the slot and align the screw holes, you can install the table, and it is not easy to fall off, the connection is more firm. The crossbar structure is added between the chair legs to make the chair more stable.
  • Safety and anti-collision: The table top and seat of the chair are designed with curved corners, and the pine wood texture is softer, which can slow down the impact from impacts and protect you and your child's safety.
  • Easy installation: Installation tools are included in the package and each panel is marked with a number that corresponds to the installation instructions so you can easily perform the installation.


  • Colour:Original Wood Colour
  • Table Dimension:108 x 65 x 73 cm
  • Chair Dimension:41 x 41.5 x 85.5 cm
  • Material: Wood

Package Content:

  • 1 x Table
  • 4 x Chairs

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