Shoe Box, Set of 8, White Colour, Stackable Plastic, with Clear Door



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  • Environmentally friendly and robust: The shoe box is made of robust PP plastic and the door is made of ABS plastic. The shoe box is stable enough to stack and prevent deformation or collapse.
  • Exclusively for women: This shoe box is designed for women's high-heeled shoes. Normal shoe boxes are not high enough and too wide to store high heels. This composite shoe box measures 33.4*21*22.5 cm (L*W*H) and is best suited for women's boots with a heel of up to 10 cm. Each box holds up to size 9 (English) and 42 (European) shoes. So you can show off your high heels in style!
  • Easy to use: These storage boxes have fully transparent doors so that the contents are easy to see. They are perfect for storing shoes, crafts, toys, blankets, cables, DVDs and much more. Especially suitable for displaying your small square bags. You don't need to show off your beautiful bag? This organiser is ideal for showcasing your bag and keeping it neat and dust-free.
  • Space-saving: The stackable shoe organisers make it easy to organise hallways and living rooms or slide them under the bed to save space. The foldable design makes each shoe box easy to assemble and shape into different forms. When not in use, they can be folded up quickly to save space.
  • Ventilated and dustproof: The ventilation holes on the back provide air circulation and prevent odour build-up. These robust, durable, washable, water and dust resistant boxes can be stacked several times for maximum storage capacity.


  • Colour:White
  • Material:Plastic
  • Product Dimension:40 x 30 x 22 centimetres
  • Item Weight: 3.3 kg

Package Content:

  • Shoe Box of X Size * 8
  • Instruction Manual (scan QR code for installation video) * 1

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